Attract to amaze: Evolving customer experience in an AI-driven world

2-3 p.m. ET

February 20, 2024

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Attract to amaze: Evolving customer experience in an AI-driven world 

2 -3 p.m. ET

February 20, 2024

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Picture a future where customer interactions aren’t merely transactions but steps toward lasting, personal relationships. A world where a customer contacts your business with a concern, but instead of a canned, hollow response, they can instantly receive a tailored answer that not only helps solve the issue but delights them. Except this isn't the future. This is now — if you’re willing to be bold. 

What our tech, marketing and customer leaders covered:
  • Empathy and efficiency: How do you strike the right balance in an AI-driven world? 
  • Human and machine synergy: How should your team evolve as generative AI continues to advance? 
  • Measurable impact: How do you assess the tangible value of deep customer engagement? 
By watching the replay you can gain: 
  • Valuable insights: Get answers to burning questions shaping customer experience today. 
  • Actionable strategies: Learn practical approaches to enhancing customer engagement with tech (including GenAI). 

Catch the replay to secure your place at the forefront of customer experience innovation. 

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